Book of LSQE

Life-Supporter Quantum Energy

Book of Life-Supporter Quantum Energy


What does it mean book of LSQE?

A multidimensional (quantum) Counscious would be found on a spiritual way, named Life-Supporter Quantum Energy, LSQE in the followings.

LSQE made more quantum-knowledge achievable for us, and from that reason we decided to lead an e-book updated as needed, writing what is contacted to this, or if needed we refer to other existing sources.

It is a big challenge writing this book, namely the most exact signals must be given in the 4D about the existing multidimensional reality, where the way of life and functioning is very different. We remark from that reason that you can find warnings in the book, which you can learn and do on your own way staying in the quantum-consciousness.

The book is also a free course

You find this book remarkable, if you want getting through the Fullness yourself, without any teacher, or Master on this inserted physical plane, because you already know exactly, our teacher/master is inside us, and we need he right signals to the orientation only.

Allthough the issue is important, we teach nobody personally. Our only manifestation is this book, and we do not step up in any media anyway.

Book of LSQE is free, anybody can draw from it …

Hungarian book

ÉTeK könyve