Basics: Fullness, veil, 4D

Basics: Fullness, veil, 4D


Metaphorically, it can also be used to indicate the Fullness:

An ocean of quantum existing and working as energy if consciousness. Every drop carries all features of the ocean.

Knowledge and understand of fullness is only possible living in there consciously.

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The Veil

A veil separates the part from getting to know and understanding the wholeness, and this is more and more permeable.

More details about the veil you can find here: veil


the 4D means the physical manifestation measured with the time, and with altitude-latitude-longitude parameters.

Human mind (ego) is oriented to the 4D, and it needs to overstep the veil to get higher knowledge about the Fullness.

Proportion of Fullness to 4D

Physical world is ca. 1% of the Fullness. The quantum-ocean as mentioned has a proportion of ca. 99% in the fullness.