Cooperation with LSQE

Cooperation with LSQE

The base of cooperation is, that LSQE as in all, so it is in the quantum inside your building atom and makes possible the exist of those. Youre atoms are organized into molecules, cells, organs, etc. You exist as a complexly built, basically consistent system.

On base of these above, You can create cooperation with the maintainer of your existence. You have free will, you make your life.

Each person is different, therefore, the statement is correct: being fed from the same source, but we have different, individual quantum systems. (See DNA category)

The existence and functioning of any man is based on absolute harmony. On the other hand, we often experience a variety of malfunctions in our body loads, even among themselves… The basic reason is that we deviate from the absolute harmony, thus making us unbalanced, (so called unbalanced inharmonious) , which can also provide a motivation for harmonization.

In our opinion:

Harmony means a dynamically changing and immediately renewing system, in which all relevant parts are related to each affected section, it implements mutual, mutually respectful changes for mutual balance and balanced operation, that the whole can work levelly.

Remarkable Penney Peirce's wording as here:

Harmony is the vibration of love that harmonize all life vibrations and aligns to itself.

We recommend you live harmony in quantum because you can be aware of it only there.

If we overcome the individuality and examine the question of harmony-disharmony also for the terran global system building up from many components, then we can easily see we have to do enough… The good news, however, is that if you study the recalibration and new energy categories, then you can learn more about it in details and then you will know that this process is taking place nowadays…

Let's clarify something: the maintainer of your existence will never transform you. You have free will. Only you can do to become functioning in a different quality and function – but you can ask its cooperation.

How is cooperation possible?

If you have already reached this reading, you made a big step then, because it can even mean, to be ready to change your life, you can eliminate it, or the factors what may cause you to suffer, and for this, you ask for the cooperation of the LSQE.

We are already reporting: LSQE is available on a way of form and technique free.

How do you understand this? - Form and technique are only in the human mind. The silence of the mind is needed to reach LSQE. (See Kryon 2017 April - Kryon 2017 April - The challenge is to silence the mind)

Go ahead…

Attachment requires the silence of the mind - which is, of course, thoughtless, wishfree and willingfree.

The next step is the pure intention of working with the LSQE. Then you exist in that quantum consciousness, where the presence and functioning of LSQE are conscious in you. This condition can also be called transsubstantiation.

How this cooperation works?

We have already indicated above, LSQE won’t transform you, only You can do this. The coexistence / coincidence with LSQE is as a catalyst. In short, the catalyst is a medium in which the processes take place. The catalyst has no effect on the events, it is simply present.

LSQE is such a catalyst for you, in which the absolute harmony of Completeness is manifested, the transformations that are necessary for you may occur in this medium. It is important that the silence of the mind is continuous. You can experience the happening being in your quantum consciousness, where the possibly most perfect cooperation is going on.

What's going on during the collaboration?

The multidimensional process is indescribable, so we just make a brief reference.

Harmony also means total harmony and cooperation, so staying in quantum consciousness, those parts that are unbalanced, or disharmonic, are signaled and have the opportunity at the same time to change their functioning - whatever it presents in your life and in your operation.

Individual living

We have already indicated that each person has an individual quantum consciousness, so collaborating with the LSQE is completely individual.

We do not know what are the issues that affect and concern, what you need to know or change. But we know, you can get to know them during the collaboration - and if necessary, they can change.

There is one more important point:

every person meets the same absolute harmony, but forms this in a very different way returned to the mind.

We can point out one thing:

be calm, you are in secure because you create the cooperation with the maintainer of your existence…


The question is:

How often is it worth cooperating?

Answer is simple:

It is worth doing steady, - because in every moment you get effects that can be settled.

Helping and healing others

Many people have the urge or even mission-conscious, to teach their fellow human beings, or to "heal" them.

We're going to be disillusioning now.

In that respect as we expose the cooperation with LSQE, never, no one can be taught anything; never, no one can be cured.


LSQE itself is the main teacher, if you like, then the main healer as well, but you know exactly already, LSQE does it neither.

What you can do for others:

Fulfill yourself in your own self, realize your most harmonious existence and functioning within yourself, this pattern can be inspiring for others.

If an other person is asking for help on a physical level, then co-operation with the LSQE is expedient together.

Knowledge of „You are me too, you are part of the same” prevails, so if I deal with you, I deal with me too. This is the right position when you deal with a fellow man.

Possibilities of the co-operation

If you are thinking about the question:

What are the possible ways to co-operate with LSQE?

We have pointed out, that LSQE is the consciousness representing all the quantum energy. Please know if cooperate with it, your partner is the Fullness itself. ..