Life-Supporter Quantum Energy

We are writing here about the Life-Supporting-Quantum-Energy (shortly LSQE) in more detail in this chapter.

How did we find LSQE?

We know about the quantum-ocean we are living in, and we were looking for the Source of quantum-ocean for a while, which can serve such energies for people on the physical plane as heat, electricity, move, etc., together the so called free-energy.

Important parameters we think are needed. These are in order of importance:

1./ Usable only for life-supporting aims

2./ Harmonizes its environment, where it exists

3. Supports energies needed for the mankind on the physical plane.

The following quotation helped our search on spiritual way in a big extent in the a The Quantum Factor - Physics with an attitude! on the page ..:

„...When this quantum energy is able to be reproduced in other laboratories, there will be those (and there always are) who will try to weaponize it. Here is something you should know: It will be the first energy every discovered that won't allow this. It can't be weaponized because it is benevolent. Imagine, a quantum energy that's just simply physics, but which has an attitude! What does that tell you? It should show you that there's something going on within high physics that is more than math and attributes of matter.

In time, the quantum factor will be discovered on this planet. …

That will be the next largest discovery on the planet. It's been held back from you because it takes a higher vibrating consciousness to create and understand it. ...”

These where leading us to find it ant make contact with the quantum-counsciousness which is also quantumenergy at once.

Why it called LSQE?

I was shown several facts about its existence and art of work as below:

– it represents all the quantum energies, – namely this is the source of existence

– sustaining the harmony of fullness

– Cooperator

– the existence is also katalysator

– it is everywhere in the Fullness

The name Life-supporting-quantum-energy based on these facts above. Shortly called LSQE (means meal in Hungarian in an old-fashioned way. Meal is needed for life as you know…)

Spirituality and science

Spirituality and science can find each-other in the LSQE as we see…